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Resinex will take over grinding and ownership of Dowlex powders

RESINEX and DOW signed an agreement that appointed RESINEX to produce and supply Dowlex Roto Moulding Powder under completely same specifications, label and product descriptions as part of the agreement. There are no changes to any technical specifications of the base resin or powder and all approvals, certificates and licences based on the Dowlex grade references remain valid. Production place will remain Arendonk in Belgium at one of our most modern plants of Ravago Manufacturing. Powders will continue to be produced to the same powder specification as before but there will be more packaging options available to you. In addition to supplying powder packed in 20Kg bags or Silo-trucks we will now also be able to offer Dowlex powders in Big Bags (up to 1000Kg) or other packaging’s on request. We do expect as well other improvement e.g. on logistics side ending up in higher service levels to our customers.

Please be aware than some minor changes e.g. at the layout of the Certificate of Analyse are possible. This has organisational reasons.

This new agreement further strengthens the relationship and co-operation between Resinex and Dow and demonstrates our continued long-term commitment to the rotomoulding industry.

Should you have any specific questions please contact your local account manager.