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Polymer type HD PE, LLD PE

SCG Chemicals, producer of HDPE and LLDPE polyethylene EL-Lene™, is one of the largest integrated petrochemical companies in the Thailand and Asia-Pacific region.

Resinex offers three main types of polyethylene from SCG:

  • EL-Lene™ HDPE blow moulding
  • EL-Lene™ LLDPE rotational moulding
  • EL-Lene™ HDPE film

EL-Lene™ HDPE blow moulding offers:

  • Exceptional processability
  • Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR)
  • Low shrinkage, good dimensional stability
  • High mechanical strength

EL-Lene™ rotational moulding offers:

  • Easy processability
  • Narrow molecular weight distribution
  • Various grades of products

EL-Lene™ HDPE film offers:

  • High molecular weight HDPE resin
  • Ease of extrusion and excellence of mechanical strength
  • Can be used in bimodal film application.