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Ampacet MB and Additives

Producer: Ampacet MB
Polymer type Masterbatch

Ampacet is the leading manufacturer of colour concentrates and additive masterbatches around the world. They offer a wide product range of white MB, Black MB, and additives.

Ampacet MB products are mostly used for consumer products and industrial goods, injection and blow moulding applications, film processing, extrusion and thermoforming.

White MB

Ampacet MB White masterbatches:

  • Excellent mineral dispersion
  • Formulations suited for:
    • thick/thin wall applications for injection and blow moulding
    • cast, blown and extrusion coating films
  • Ease of incorporation
  • Food contact acceptable grades
  • Weatherable grades
  • UV blocking grades
  • Highly loaded products up to 80%


  • 70% white MB with the dispersion level 2
  • 70% white MB with the dispersion level 5
  • 60% white MB
  • 80% white MB
  • 50% white MB with calcium carbonate

Black MB

Ampacet offers a wide product range for the black masterbatches especially for the agricultural, packaging, electronics, pipe, textile and non-woven market.

Ampacet black masterbatch offer:

  • Ultra dispersion
  • Durability from ultra violet light
  • Durability against extreme weather conditions
  • Electro-static conductive grades
  • Food contact acceptable grades
  • Super-jet-blacks / Deep-black colours
  • High temperature resistance grades
  • Easy flow / Low viscosity products
  • Highly loaded products up to 60%


Ampacet has additive masterbatch dispersions for a variety of applications. These additive masterbatches are used with a wide range of polymers and are used to optimise process and/or finished package performance.

Additive masterbatch products:

  • Antistats
  • Antiblocks
  • Antifog
  • Antioxidants
  • Chemical foaming
  • Optical brighteners
  • Process aids
  • Purge compounds
  • Slips
  • Slip and antiblock combinations
  • IR barriers
  • Ultraviolet absorbers (UVA)

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